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PeakmoderMe in Ko samui - Thailandnliving.com is a blog I, Alexander Trifiro, made to mainly some of the health knowledge I’ve gained over the years. Nutrition is probably one of my passions because I think it’s ultimately one of the most important things to be productive in life (which means performing better in activities/making more money) and to look young and healthy as long as possible.

I also cover other topics that I think are important for a great life, such as reviews of great books or travel tips as I currently am an expat and travel around the world.

enjoying the view in liechtenstein

There is a lot of bullshit out there of what is healthy or how to be more productive and it’s been such a wild ride for me to read hundreds of hours of books/blogs and testing different things on my body over the years so I created this blog on those topics but also to share some of my experiences on experiments such as cold showers or intermittent fasting.


For any questions, suggestions or just to say hi, you can contact me at (alex [at] peakmodernliving.com) or leave a comment below!

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  1. Hey, lol just checking out your blog. It’s sweet man, I’m into nutrition as well. I’ve also tried many different diets and foods over the past 2+ years. I’ve gone from paleo to a mixture to vegan. I kinda just go through phases haha. I’m curious what do you think of vegan diets?

    1. Hey :). I think they are better overall than a standard American diet in terms of weight management but it’s not that good for optimal energy for minimal effort. There’s stuff in meat that is really important. From what I read around, a lot of people the first few months vegan feel a lot healthier because they are eating a lot less toxic foods but what they don’t realize is later down the road they start becoming deficient in certain vitamins/minerals you find in meats (such as vitamin B12) and don’t understand what’s happening to them. Like, “I feel lower energy now… but it can’t be the vegan diet that made me feel so much better before!!”.

      A really good article that pretty much sums up why vegetarian is not necessarily winning over eating meat whether from a nutrition or political standpoint is this one. It goes quite in depth on a lot of topics.

      Anyway, if you want to go vegan for certain reasons outside of nutrition I think that’s valid but its so much more complicated because you need to monitor your vitamins/minerals and supplement with a lot more stuff than I do if you want to reach the same energy levels… A really good read on reasons to not be vegetarian that goes not only in nutrition but if you want to be vegetarian for a political statement is this article which is quite complete on my thoughts about it.

      Ideally too if you do eat meat you want it from farmers you trust. For example in Montreal every two weeks I have a farmer come deliver meat at the park and I go pick it up. It’s frozen, very fresh and the animals were not imprisoned in a cage waiting for the slaughterhouse before they were given to me. They are also eating grass and not grains (unhealthy for them, but it makes them fat faster hence why big farming companies love it).

      I currently eat close to paleo with a few differences/personal improvements like I use sugar alcohols when I make ice cream or baked goods. I also try to cook my meat at low heat to minimize damage to the proteins inside.

  2. Hi Alex, I was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease 2 yrs. ago I’ve been reading up on the benefits of NAC and was wondering if you thought it might be helpful for me since it pulls copper out of your system. The copper has done some damage to my liver and kidneys. I have stage 3 CKD. I would like to protect my organs as much as I can, I’m not crazy about the script they gave me very hard on the kidneys any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated

    Thanx Suzette

    1. I’m not a doctor with experience on this so I really do not want to say yes since I never calculated my blood levels around that test but I know copper competes with other minerals such as zinc for absorption so supplementing in that might help, of course don’t overdo it but I know if I do not eat seafood I’m too low on zinc so I do anyways from time to time.

    1. Yep, you can check my post here http://peakmodernliving.com/eating-paleo-in-bangkok-finding-cheap-protein-powder-in-thailand . Radiance whole foods for vegetables and paleorobbie for meat. I actually love living in Bangkok over other cities in Thailand because you can have organic meat/vegetable delivery to your house.

      As for farmers market, there are some but due to the traffic in bangkok and that vegetables cannot last very long, I prefer to save time and just have them delivered to my house from radiance whole foods.

  3. I just picked up Napolean Hills think and grow rich with peace of mind and I found it just as important to me if not more than think and grow rich. It was good to read an article about that book considering i haven’t heard anyone else discuss it. Thank you.

    1. Thanks! I also found it better, I really enjoyed the examples of his life (numerous since at that point he is quite old). While think and grow rich is “good” I never clicked with it as much as “with peace of mind” book.

  4. Hello,

    I just finished watching forks over knives…very compelling research on why animal proteins are responsible for cancer etc… I was wondering your thoughts? Dr. Cambell’s book Whole is very interesting as well, especially if you are nutrition/science buff.

    1. I haven’t watched it but before 2 things to keep in mind are does it have a lot of vegeterians backing/financing the research (it might have some bias in how it interprets the data) and most importantly, most likely they use factory raised meat which is the majority of meat sold in stores and different from healthy animals raised on pasture eating natural foods (grass for cows, insects for chicken for example) instead of cheap grain which makes them live but in a sick state all their lives. Almost all countries post WW2 have been slowly moving to grain farming besides a few exceptions like New Zealand and Ireland. Being a healthy vegetarian is possible but very hard unless you want to do it for a purpose other theen personal health. You will have to monitor your levels of vitamin B12, iron and more. I try to get my meat from grass fed cows (which means happy cows) and wild caught fish (the majority in stores is from “fish farms”).

  5. here we go again just do not know what to believe. even some natural doctors recommend chia and flax seeds so I have been eating them. did you get your opinion about chia seeds and flax seeds from your experience.

    1. For me personally I did not have any “problems” from eating chia seeds or flax seeds, but I was taking it daily and over time after researching it more I realized I was mostly taking them for “fiber” + omega 3’s from flax seeds but they might not be as effective as I gave them credit for. And of course a few nutrients (minerals mostly) that I realized it would be better to get the same nutrients from other food types (more veggies for fiber, and more omega 3 from eating salmon more often which I love anyway)

  6. Very little Omega-3 (ALA) from grains or seeds / flax meal, chia is converted by humans to EPA or DHA. All sources put that conversion at 4-8%, so it us a waste of money buying pricey flax seed oil or flaxmeal tomget Omega-3.
    that leaves fish as the only source.

  7. hey i recently just tried phenubit…250mg capsules from nootropicsdepot.com and i was looking so forward to experiancing the effects but nothing….so i tried 3 capsules (750mg) and yet still nothing….do u think i should just call it quits or keep moving it up? i have read 250mg is ideal and i have also read 1g to 1.5g it fine too???? lost with this one

    1. I would keep moving up but you might want to wait a few weeks in between. I don’t feel much under 2g but I need a higher dose then most people (even from day 1 of using it). Also I can only do it once a month to feel anything at 2-3g

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