Eating Paleo in Bangkok + Finding cheap protein powder in Thailand

Eating paleo in BangkokI’ve been living in Thailand for around 6 months now and I really enjoy how easily accessible grass fed meats & organic vegetables are in Bangkok especially thanks to the resources I found and listed below. Its best if you have a kitchen so you can avoid the constant bombardment of rice and vegetable cooking oil with MSG and sugar (everywhere). I also list some places to buy protein powder onlinGrass fed Meats & organic vegetables are easy to find!e for cheap all over Thailand (because its massively overpriced in stores, double+ normal “western” prices).

Grass fed Meats & Organic vegetables in Bangkok (both with delivery to your home!)


Meat for Bangkok, I had a kitchen so I was ordering my grass fed meat and wild caught sockeye salmon (which is a type of salmon they cannot farm so you know its wild) wholesale from If you do not have a kitchen, you can order pre made paleo meals from their main website, and at least avoid some of the rice, MSG and sugar in all the street food of Thailand.

Vegetables & more for Bangkok, I ordered my organic vegetables in bulk each week from . They also have a nice choice of fermented foods like Kimchi and sauerkraut which I’ve added to my diet after seeing how important they can be after reading this extensive article on gaining muscle weight quickly.

Grass fed butter in Bangkok, I only eat butter as far as dairy products go and the brand I recommend is anchor, since they are from New Zealand which does not subsidize grain so its almost guaranteed that farmers grass feed their cows

cheap whey protein powder in thailandProtein powder & supplements in Thailand, I also started training and bulking as I mentioned before and found a cheap and good online quality protein powder source here, its made in the USA and they resale to other companies like GNC or whatever who then add flavours (aspartame, sucralose etc.) & their logos on the box and charge a big premium. Speaking of GNC, they and other local supplement stores charge crazy amounts for supplements and other health pills in Thailand. Its crazy overcharged here.

If you stay over 2-4 weeks and want to order a big shipment of supplements, I highly recommend you order from with the $4 or so slow shipping option (also if it is your first order, use coupon “IFI934” and get $10 off while giving me a bonus small commission). For some reason they do not have fast shipping but if they did, prepare to pay heavy custom fees. On a $100 shipment from Amazon to Thailand (electronics, they do not do supplements) I paid $30 and in Vietnam where had a fast 1 week delivery, I paid $70 custom import fees on a $200 order with DHL. With the low cost shipping option you might avoid custom fees as well, I used to back in Canada but did not try in Thailand, I was ordering high speed delivery from other nearby countries while resetting my tourist VISA.

While here I concentrated on bulking up a bit and training Muay Thay while enjoying the overall low cost lifestyle ($2-4 taxis? yes!). If anyone has recommendations on things to add to this list let me know!


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  1. Hi .
    If you read everything about keton living or lchf living you see that you not need to eat protienpowder to build protien powder.
    eating much protien give you cancer and a lot of bad things.
    Thanks for the tips about thaifood about the sugar and the best butter tips to eat.
    Lasse from Sweden

  2. Thank you, Alex! Quite useful tips for all of us living a healthy lifestyle in Bangkok.

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