Why Your Toothpaste is Important – Finding an SLS Free Toothpaste Without Fluoride

Finding an SLS Free Toothpaste Without FluorideToothpaste is something that was always an easy decision for me as I never gave it any thoughts. As I learned about some of the harmful chemicals in foods we commonly eat and many household products we take for granted I started looking more into toothpaste and how to find one that will keep my teeth white with minimal long term risk. I figured it’s a good long term decision, sure it took me some time to find a SLS free toothpaste that also does not contain fluoride but now the research is done and I will share some of my findings and share the toothpaste I’ll probably always use in the foreseeable future, it’s also not even more expensive than the ones you can find in stores.

The 3 chemicals to avoid in toothpaste

1. Fluoride

finding a fluoride free toothpasteFirst off is fluoride which is more well known. In fact, it’s added into the drinking water of most towns despite not even been well proven to help with tooth decay. Fluoride is hard for your kidneys to flush and it builds up in your body over time. In 1977,Β the National Academy of Sciences reported that consuming an average of two milligrams of fluoride per day over a long period of time (40 years) would most likely contract crippling skeletal fluorosis, which is harmful for your joints and bones. Some other research in 1995 concluded that it might lead to a lower IQ in children with doses under what you can find in toothpaste. Basically, it’s something added to toothpaste that is not needed for your teeth and potentially will harm you. Why bother when you can find fluoride free toothpaste easily online or in health stores. However, a toothpaste without fluoride might still contain 2 of the other potentially harmful chemicals described below so let’s move on…

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

finding a sls free toothpasteSLS and sodium lauryl sulfate are used in many beauty products such as soaps, shampoo and toothpaste. They are used to make it foam nicely. Sadly, it’s another estrogen like mimic like BPA mentioned in my post on finding a plastic free electric kettle which means it can disrupt your hormonal balance and all the trouble that might happen due to this. While what is found in toothpaste might be a safe quantity, why bother risking your health when you can find a sls free toothpaste?

3. Titanium Dioxide

titanium dioxide in toothpasteTitanium dioxide is used in white paint to whiten it and it has the same effect on your teeth. It’s used in sunblock and a large variety of other products. Not a lot of research has been done on it but the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety has written that titanium dioxide may be a human carcinogen. While manufacturers will claim there has been no risk associated with it and human consumption, do you really want to wait until studies are made to actually discover that it posses a risk to your health? By getting an all natural toothpaste that does not contain fluoride or SLS you’ll probably avoid Titanium dioxide anyway.

The winning sodium lauryl sulfate/fluoride free toothpaste is…

fluoride free xylowhite toothpaste I chose this toothpaste from now foods because it has baking soda to whiten my teeth which works quite well. If you want a non baking soda toothpaste there is this alternative also from nowfoods on amazon. They use xylitol which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that I actually use as a replacement to normal sugar in baked goods since it has very low calories and little to no impact on your blood sugar levels. Also, some research shows that it is actually very healthy for your teeth and it’s recommended by some dentists. Amazon.com does not deliver outside USA so I ordered mine from iherbs.com with my last supplement shipment. If it’s your first order there, enter coupon code IFI934 for $5 off your first order ( I also get a commission if you do so :)).


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  1. This is just insane. Fluoride is the only content within toothpaste that helps your teeth (the enamel) to protect against caries.

    Acidic compounds (sugars, alcohol, any food in general with the pH under 5,5) will dissolve the tooth enamel and and eventually cause caries:
    Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2(s) + 8H+(aq) ? 10Ca2+(aq) + 6HPO42-(aq) + 2H2O(l)

    Here Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 (s) is the chemical code for tooth enamel and H+ is the hydrogen ion that is responsible for acidicity.

    Fluoride (F)2 will react with the tooth enamel to bind where the hydroxide (OH)2 -groups is placed forming a much more resistant compound Ca10(PO4)6F2 when it comes to acidic dissolvement.

    I myself consider healthy teeth a part of a healthy body. The amount of fluoride in a pinch of toothpaste on your toothbrush is minimal and the health disbenefits of the amount possibly consumed is marginal. Anyways its not meant to be swallowed, d’Oh?

    1. I’m mostly opposed to fluoride in drinking water but I definitely don’t think the other ingredients in common toothpaste are helpful. Also xylitol has also been shown to protect your teeth against cavities without any harmful side effects like fluoride might have (if ingested like you said, but I wonder if even in small amounts it leaks in your mouth to eventually be swallowed?). I would maybe consider the above toothpaste with fluoride, applied directly to teeth has shown that it can have benefits (unlike in the drinking water which seems to be full of bad research…)

    2. Absolute drivel! Fluoride was added to the drinking water in the Concentration Camps by the Nazis and also to the drinking water in the Gulags by Stalin. Now are you going to say that these people were concerned about the inmates teeth while they murdered them?

      The reason the Fluoride is put into the water everywhere that they can and in toothpaste is that it calcifies the Pineal Gland – to keep the people dumb and lethargic and easily controlled – the reason it was put in the water in the camps above in the first place.

      You do not need to swallow the toothpaste for it to get into your system just the fact that it is in your mouth is enough as that is the best place to get it straight into your bloodstream. You just need to google the effects of fluoride and WHERE it comes from to reach the water supply and toothpaste.

      Oh by the way! The mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde in your vaccines etc are really good for you – You should ask them to double the doses the next time you or your children are getting one.

      And Dr Judy Wood did not take the US Government and over 20 US Companies all the way up to the Supreme Court for putting out lies with regard to 9/11.

      What is the link between all of these things and more?

  2. I have been searching high and low for a SLS free toothpaste without fluoride. My kid breaks out in canker sores every time he used any of these products. Thank you for your article!

  3. I have perioral dermatitis and both fluoride and sls cause horrible outbreaks on my face. I have to say I’m disappointed in your choice pf toothpaste. I’ve tried xyliwhite in spearmint and peppermint and was not impressed with either. They don’t leave that fresh feeling in your mouth – especially not overnight. There is always way too much food left between my teeth after brushing. Having said that I’m currently on the hunt for an acceptable toothpaste. Some people have suggested one called Sparkle, I believe. And Tom’s now has the botanical version without either ingredient. My biggest problem is also that I’m cheap and hate paying for something without knowing if I’m going to like it. For a year or so I survived on brushing with baking soda and swishing with peroxide. My dentist was thrilled with the results but again, you’re missing the freshness you get with a standard toothpaste.

    1. I guess this is heavily a personal experience, I find it refreshing. The fresh taste of using cold gate is gone very quickly and I usually just brush before going to bed… Theirs some natural solutions like you said (I read versions with baking soda + coconut oil) but for me a $3-5 toothpaste is much easier.

    2. Dawn, I saw your comments on a PD forum (http://www.patient.co.uk/forums/discuss/help-me-with-my-possible-perioral-dermatitis-61721). I’m 26 weeks pregnant and developed a rash around 16 weeks pregnant. I figured out it was PD and I’m trying to take an all natural approach (especially since I’m pregnant). I didn’t realize how hard it is to find products that are sls free (and fluoride free). I saw Tom’s is SLS free but it has “natural” fluoride. Idk if that is a good choice for those with PD since it’s still fluoride despite being “natural”. I might just still with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until I find something.

  4. Another suggestion for anyone who might be interested: the Weston Price Foundation has a lot of info on building up your tooth pulp using dietary changes. Its a drastic lifestyle change but for anyone suffering from decay issues, fluoride sensitivity or not, it’s an option.

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