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I think no matter the diet you have there are some supplements almost everyone should take. Of course you should probably get some blood tests done to customize what you actually need but for me personally this is what I currently take.

I’m 26 years old and I think it’s important to not go too crazy on supplements this early on in my life, a lot of stuff is untested for long term dosage and digesting pills over and over has a toll on your liver. A lot of the antioxidant supplements you see out there can easily be replaced by a proper diet consisting of mostly quality grass fed beef/Chicken/wild caught fish, vegetables (I eat a lot of spinach & brocoli each day and other vegetables depending on what I’m feeling) and healthy fats (butter, coconut oil, a bit of olive oil, egg yolks)


1 teaspoon of Cod live oil (It’s the minimum omega 3’s I might need, I do get more from my grass fed beef and salmon cuts that I take every 2-4 days). I usually take this early in the day as a habit.

5,000-8,000 IU of vitamin D3, depending on if I intend to go in the sun today or not. My blood tests showed me to be at 69 Units ng/ml. I’m aiming between 50-70 so it’s a bit too high but this was during the summer when I would go out at least 1-3 hours a day topless in the sun working off my balcony. During the winter I take the full 8,000 each day. I take it with fat early in the day. I currently take the now foods brand with 2,000IU per soft gel. Vitamin D3 is better absorbed with fat and soft gel seems to work well for absorption. However unlike other supplements quality is much more consistent across brands when it comes to vitamin D3 supplements. You can read more about Vitamin D from my post here.

300MG of Magnesium Citrate or Malate before going to bed. 450mg if I drank alcohol that night, I would often get leg cramps before I discovered it was a magnesium deficiency symptom. These were especially common after a night of drinking. Magnesium tends to help you sleep better due to it’s relaxing feeling for the body so might as well take it before sleep!

15mg of Zinc. When I would track my diet on I often would fall short of the RDA of 15mg of Zinc so I started supplementing with low doses on days that I do not eat liver or seafood such as oysters.

300mcg of Melatonin on most nights before going to bed. I don’t want to be dependent on it so I avoid it every now and then but I take a low dose of melatonin (most supplements are at 3mg) because less works as well for me. I take the “time release” form of it from life extension. It helps me a lot fall asleep within 10 minutes, especially if I go to bed not exactly at the usual time.

Optional: I take about 1g of vitamin C everyday, with any meal. It’s been heavily researched to not have any side effects even at large doses and it’s hard to accurately judge how much I’m getting in my diet. I cook/steam a lot of my vegetables and this destroys the quantity of vitamin C in them. More importantly, it’s hard to determine how much vitamin C are in the vegetables I eat (a lot of psinach/kale!)because they often sit in my fridge for a few days (and lose vitamin C). I figure it’s a good supplement to take. You can read more about vitamin C benefits & supplements here.

Important foods that I take every now and then to avoid needing more supplements:

I eat grass fed beef liver every week. This is very important for vitamin A and other minerals/vitamins present in large quantity in liver such as copper and choline.

I make a meal out of sockeye salmon every 2-4 days. This is for a source of omega 3’s and especially selenium, which is an important mineral. Selenium also counteracts the mercury present in fish and sockeye salmon have a low amount of mercury due to being low in the food chain.

I make beef broth, this is mostly for collagen and other minerals abundant in bones. Also it’s really delicious and does not take too much time to actually prepare. Put bones in a bowl, add celery/carrots/onions, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and heat for 12 hours at very low heat. I make a lot and put it in glass jars and drink it over the week or make soup with it. If you want to enjoy the bone marrow, I usually cook it for 3 hours, eat the bone marrow then add the 2 TBS of vinegar and let it cook for another 6+ hours.


Let me know in the comments if you have any questions on any particular item, or suggestions of things I should consider!

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  1. When you make beef broth, how do you drain your broth?

    I used bone broth to heal my gut, but it was very time consuming. I noticed you said that it takes hardly any time to prepare.

    I would say the actual process of draining it, getting it into jars, cleaning the crockpot, etc. takes a lot of time, especially since fat like that can’t go in a drain safely without risk of clogging up the pipes.

    1. Yeah you are right it takes a while to drain it, get into jars etc. What I do to speed things up is I let it cool down (I either put it in fridge or leave it out overnight), and the majority of the sticky fat goes to the top and makes a layer, I then either remove the layer of fat or usually keep some of it and put it into the jars, the rest of the liquid is a lot more clean since it seems all the fat is solid and on the top and its a lot easier for me to clean. Also I eat the bone marrow after 2-4 hours in the crockpot now, its delicious and it reduces a lot of the fat that comes out later on.

    1. I tried modafinil and so far did not find it that great. For me I personally so far just have more productivity waking up, getting coffee and starting work. Its also possible I just need higher doses, as I am “resistant” (take a lot to feel any noticeable change) with almost every supplement/drug.

    1. Phenibut is only something I take once a month or 2 months in a big dose so its not really daily or even weekly. If I took it often I would probably start worrying about withdrawal symptoms so I never did it.

  2. Can flaxseed oil cause moels I have noticed Since taking this oil that I have six new ones spear doctor said they wear blood blisters don’t think so as I have had them for about two months

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