Top 3 Lessons From Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind from Napoleon Hill

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These are my notes from reading Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind from Napoleon HIll
which is definitely under appreciated compared to the popularity of his very successful “think and grow rich” classic. This book was written towards the end of his life which is great as you can see a lot of his reflections on his own life and the thinking of what makes someone happy (especially himself and many of the rich people he consulted at this point in his life), which is hard to entirely correlate with money past a certain point. Some research shows that past a certain income, something like $80,000 I believe, happiness barely goes up as income goes up, the law of diminishing returns kicks in very fast.

This is something I noticed within myself in 2013-2014 which were amazing years in online income but at some point I was thinking “so what?” considering I am not very interested in luxurious cars or homes (especially since I like to be a permanent traveler and I have not found a country to live in “permanently”). Do I really just want to hoard money for a “what if” scenario? Its not very fulfilling.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Autobiography – Total Recall. My notes on achieving big goals

These are my notes from reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Autobiography – Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story which is quite long at around 650 pages but is an amazing read showing life lessons from Arnold we can all use to make our life better, from setting big goals and dreaming big, taking care of our physical and mental health and finally how perceived weaknesses in our character can become massively beneficial!
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Arnold Schwarzenegger total recall book review and notesI read a lot and this I figured I will start putting my notes from these books that range in topics such as Finance, health, relationships & recently many biographies to remind myself of the up and downs of many of the great people of ages past. Biographies make great bedside stories too since they are not as dense in specific information as other non fiction books I read.

What I liked about reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life story was how much more he was beyond the movie star I knew from my childhood. Some of his key achievements have been:

The importance of Vitamin K2 & why you need to eat fermented foods now!

What is vitamin K2 and Benefits HeadlineA lot of “westerners” have never heard of Vitamin K2 because this particular vitamin is rare in our diet since it comes from fermented foods which make it very rare in modern “western” diets. It is very important and one of the key nutrients behind bone health (calcium alone is not very good!) and more. It also plays an important role in many aspects of our overall health.

What is vitamin K2?

Like Vitamin B, which has different forms, Vitamin K has been found to have different forms as well. In the past, vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 were only considered as vitamin K but a dentist by the name Dr. Weston Price, found that non-industrial diets were high with a nutrient which he called “Activator X” which seemed to provide protection against tooth decay and chronic diseases.

This nutrient was later identified as Vitamin K2. Since then vitamin K has 2 main forms, K1 and K2. Our liver uses vitamin K1 to activate calcium-binding proteins involved in blood clotting. Vitamin K2 is being used to activate proteins that controls where calcium ends up in the body.

Vitamin K1(phylloquinone) is mainly found on plant based foods like anything that is leafy and green. Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) is mainly found on fermented and animal foods. Vitamin K2 has been divided into 2 types known as MK-4 and MK-7. MK-4 are found in animals that are purely grass fed based and MK-7 are found in fermented soybeans or certain types of cheese.

Vitamin K2 benefits

Vitamin K2 acts as an activator of nutrients such as vitamin A and D so that our body can actually take advantage of the benefits from them. It is also an activator of calcium so that our bones can absorb the calcium. It is also responsible for vibrant health and high resistance to degenerative diseases and aging. It might be a reason the Okinawa’s from Japan who often live above 100 years and can stay healthy and active. Fermented foods (like Natto) are very common there.

Bone Health

A study conducted to 244 healthy women, who are on postmenopausal stage, receiving a 3-year low dose menaquinon-7 supplementation has proven to help in preventing bone loss.

Another study conducted on 13 Japanese women using higher dosage have shown similar benefits. It was found that vitamin K2 reduced hip fractures by 77%, spinal fractures by 60%, and all non-spinal fractures by 81%.

 foods with vitamin k2 are important to prevent calcium buildupHeart Health

According to the studies (1,2), calcium build-up in the arteries around the heart contributes to a huge risk factor for heart related disease. On the other hand, this study shows that vitamin K2 helps prevent calcium from being deposited in the arteries around the heart.

  Dental Health

There is a study linking that vitamin K2 may help improve dental health. One main regulating protein in dental health is osteocalcin, which stimulates the growth of new dentin. Osteocalcin is a that protein critical to bone metabolism and is also being activated by vitamin K2.

Fights Cancer

Another clinical study conducted to about 11,000 men found that taking high dosage of vitamin K2 has lower the risk of advanced prostate cancer by 63%.

Sources of Vitamin K2

As mentioned above, vitamin K2 is mainly found on fermented and animal foods. Here’s a list of vitamin K2 foods that were measured by the USDA as foods high in vitamin K2 according to Chris Kresser.


  • Butter (Ideally from grass fed cows)

Eating Paleo in Bangkok + Finding cheap protein powder in Thailand

Eating paleo in BangkokI’ve been living in Thailand for around 6 months now and I really enjoy how easily accessible grass fed meats & organic vegetables are in Bangkok especially thanks to the resources I found and listed below. Its best if you have a kitchen so you can avoid the constant bombardment of rice and vegetable cooking oil with MSG and sugar (everywhere). I also list some places to buy protein powder onlinGrass fed Meats & organic vegetables are easy to find!e for cheap all over Thailand (because its massively overpriced in stores, double+ normal “western” prices).

Grass fed Meats & Organic vegetables in Bangkok (both with delivery to your home!)


Meat for Bangkok, I had a kitchen so I was ordering my grass fed meat and wild caught sockeye salmon (which is a type of salmon they cannot farm so you know its wild) wholesale from If you do not have a kitchen, you can order pre made paleo meals from their main website, and at least avoid some of the rice, MSG and sugar in all the street food of Thailand.

Why Your Toothpaste is Important – Finding an SLS Free Toothpaste Without Fluoride

Finding an SLS Free Toothpaste Without FluorideToothpaste is something that was always an easy decision for me as I never gave it any thoughts. As I learned about some of the harmful chemicals in foods we commonly eat and many household products we take for granted I started looking more into toothpaste and how to find one that will keep my teeth white with minimal long term risk. I figured it’s a good long term decision, sure it took me some time to find a SLS free toothpaste that also does not contain fluoride but now the research is done and I will share some of my findings and share the toothpaste I’ll probably always use in the foreseeable future, it’s also not even more expensive than the ones you can find in stores.

Unknowingly Poisoning Myself – Finding the Best Plastic Free Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

reviews on plastic free electric kettlesThe dangers of plastic, BPA and certain cookware has been known for quite a while now. Plastic especially causes your body to absorb substances that mimic estrogen for your body which is bad for both guys and girls since it unbalances the natural ratio with other hormones like progesterone/Testosterone. BPA and other substances in plastic might explain partially why sperm count for males on average dropped 30% or so from 20 years ago. Wi-fi/cellphones are probably also to blame, and many other things.

From making sure all my pans (skillets) were in stainless steel (or ideally ceramic) to only using glass containers to store leftover foods or my homemade ice cream I thought I had removed all poisonous stuff in my house… But I forgot the most important one! My PLASTIC electric kettle. What an idiot, not only does the inside look rusty but this thing in plastic is being in contact with HOT WATER constantly. The only thing that could be worse I think would be if I put some fat or acid in there which would make it leech even more harmful components…