A Guide To Solving the 2 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies That Affect 80%+ of Westerners.

In this post you will learn the 2 vitamins & minerals you most likely are deficient in regardless of diet that are not only very important for good health but also easy to fix.

2 common Nutrient DeficienciesSince I have been reading nutrition/health books and research for a few years as almost a part time job, while also spending a lot of time & money on supplements and blood tests, I often get friends asking me what supplements could help them with X or Y health benefit.

While it’s true that some vitamins can help you more with certain benefits, overall you want to avoid ANY vitamin/mineral deficiency as sooner (cramps, low energy) or later (your DNA won’t repair itself well, cancer, skin aging faster) it will cause trouble.

While most nutrient deficiencies can & should be corrected with a proper diet, some of these can be very hard in our modern days, especially these 2 which affected me and probably most of you, Vitamin D & Magnesium.

The Colder War Book Review & Notes – Understanding Trends in Energy, Russia & The Future

the colder war book coverI just finished reading The Colder War from Marin Katusa and it was an amazing read for those interested in actually understanding world news currently and how it (almost always) relies on control of energy production.

I will first summarize what I enjoyed the most of the book and then explain why I am heavily interested in this topic since last year.

I read it within 2 days, which I rarely do. Not because it was short (272 pages) but because it had a lot of information on various topics I was happy to learn more about.

The Colder war, of course, does cover the rise of Putin in Russia and what this implies for the world economy (particularly in the energy sector) which was a great read but I also enjoyed a lot the historical lessons in the book around the topic of energy production in many countries. It thoroughly covers the history of many Middle Eastern countries and the development of many modern energy sources such as coal, oil & natural gas. This book confirms a lot of what most people know on some level (especially when it comes to the Middle East) but underestimate the importance of, which is the HEAVY connection of the energy sector and what we see in the news on world politics.

From 155 to 176 Pounds (70 to 80KG) in 2 months at the gym – My geek to freak workout experience

155 to 176 Pounds geek to freak workout in 2 monthsFirst off I have to say I am amazed that I was finally able to gain so much muscle/fat weight in general, I am very much a hard gainer when it comes to both gaining muscle or even getting fat.

My geek to freak workout was basically:

  1. Going 2 times at the gym per week for 10-15 minutes each
  2. Eating A LOT 6 days a week
  3. Not eating 1 day a week until 1-3 hours before bed (24 hour fast)
  4. A few (probably optional) supplements, ALA (before big meals) and BCAA’s (on fasting days) that you can find easily online or at local stores.

What I Learned After 2 Years of Experimenting With Primaforce Phenibut Supplements, Highly Recommended

2 year expirement with phenibut dosage and benefitsSo it has been more than a year now since I first started trying Primaforce Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid) as a friends recommendation that it can replace alcohol and is completely legal. I wanted to try it because while I often drink alcohol and have been able to almost never get a hangover using the protocol posted here, I still was drinking 5-7 nights a week after my workday and I figured using an alternative could give my liver some rest. Phenibut is legal in US/Canada and I got it shipped to many countries while traveling (Hungary, Romania, Vietnam, Bangkok).

So far, phenibut has been awesome for me, helping me feel calm, have a great time, and amazing sleep. But it has some limitations and mild side effects (or maybe benefits depending on what you want). With the uses I did, it can be used both as a replacement for alcohol or a great “mood enhancer/confidence booster” before a networking event or something stressful (public speaking?), WITHOUT the tipsiness/slurring of words of alcohol.

How To Negotiate On Airbnb as a Permanent Traveller

airbnblogoMost people that travel at this point probably heard about airbnb.com but if you have not, it is basically the best thing that has come to travelers since the internet and Google maps. When I first left Canada and went to Miami for 3 weeks, I was very homesick living in youth hostels, I never thought long term traveling was for me, I can’t live with minimal privacy in the same location for long and having “my stuff” to cook with so I can avoid constant processed food or overpriced restaurant meals.  That is, until I discovered airbnb the year after in 2012 and I have now been traveling for 2 years from Ukraine and most of Europe) to currently living in Thailand with an apartment found on airbnb. Before airbnb, you either had to book overpriced hotels in advance and then, if you enjoyed the country, had to look around for an apartment you like and a lease term you can work with.

The Guide on Optimizing Sleep? The Cheap (And Very Effective) Way!

why cant i sleep gorilla styleSleep is something that is fundamental to all of us and I have of course done a few experiments on the subject in the past few years. From tracking my sleep with a ZEO device or smartphone devices I’ve been able to get a good picture on how to improve sleep quality.

This article will start with things to avoid, and then tricks to help you sleep better which will include natural sleeping pills.

What you MUST avoid

1) Blue Light from electronic devices, destroys your bodies natural melatonin cycle

how to improve sleep quality by removing blue lightsIf you watch TV, work on a computer or simply have normal lights in your room, this is harming your sleep due to the spectrum of blue in the light which prevents your body to start fully going into “sleep mode” until everything is turned off (or you are so exhausted you pass out, with shitty sleep quality). Basically the sun emits blue light, so the lack of blue light entering our skin or eyes is a signal to our body to go sleep, and our body would start to produce a natural sleep hormone, melatonin, to regulate our sleep cycles. Blue light from electronic devices stops this release.